Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie tells us what it’s like to access alternative education..


Young women

A group of young women express what is to be a young […]

A New Journey

A group of young refugees and migrants share how they feel about […]

Behind the scenes at In Focus residential

In Focus film club went on a residential to the countryside and […]

In Focus compilation

Here are series of short films produced by the In Focus film […]


Daniel shares his story of wanting to be a professional footballer..part of […]

About me…

Young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds share a bit of their […]


Why Football is important #NewRegents


The importance of playing Basketball #NewRegents

Schools In

Bfi Film Academy 2021 documentary – Young people talk about their online […]

North to South

Keaten shares his experience of moving from the North of England to […]

Holly Street

What changes would you make to your local park?

New Regents – Life in a PRU

Dispelling some of the myths

Statues in Hackney

Young people explore who they would like to be given a statue […]

Black; Young Women’s Experience

A short film exploring some of the issues that Black young women […]

Black British History

Black British History – The story of the African diaspora is a […]

Walk a Mile

A short documentary exploring the life of a young Muslim woman living […]

Connecting Us

One of two films exploring the history of Communication…Funded by the Heritage […]

Disconnecting Us

One of two films that explore the history of Communication and how […]

Anthony’s Story

Young man living in Hackney shares his thoughts around living in Hackney

Human Rights

Young people new to the UK express what rights they think are […]

Jordan’s Story

An intimate short documentary that follows the fortunes of a young man […]

We Are

Young people share who they are… Produced by Tuesday’s In Focus film […]


Exploring campaigns that have changed our lives…

A Bit about Us

our everyday lives

We Love Hackney

A short piece celebrating what young people love about living in Hackney

Being 13

What it’s like to be thirteen now in living in London


Four short films celebrating cultural diversity in Hackney

Culture not Religion

A young Somalian woman shares her views on the difference between culture […]

Too Black, Too White

MTR BFI Film Academy short documentary exploring what its like for one […]

Tea trailer

The History of Tea in two parts

New Start

Young people new to London tell us their thoughts about living in […]

Tea part two – Fancy a Cuppa

Part two of two films that explore the History of Tea – […]

Tea part one – Two Leaves and a Bud

Part one of two films exploring the History of Tea – Funded […]


A Youth Festival designed and produced by young people for young people

Who cares about the Refugee Crisis?

Danielle is one of hundreds of volunteers who cares – this is […]

My Mum Has Bipolar

Holly shares her everyday experience of living with her mum who has […]

Our Hamlets

A short film exploring Tower Hamlets and how young people feel about […]

The Elephant

Past, Present and Future of The Elephant and Castle.


Young people explore what FREEDOM means to them


lliranja gives insight into how her life has been in care and […]

The Thief ‘Behind The Scenes’

A short insight into film roles and what goes into making a […]

Cut Short

A short piece that was produced for the Cut Films anti-smoking project.


A short Dogs Trust film produced by young people that challenges perceptions […]

‘Schizophrenia and Me….’

‘they’re cuckoo…but they ain’t diagnosed cuckoo’. Meet Melanie. A young 19 year […]

A different Kind of Home

A different kind of home is a gentle piece that reveals what […]

Behind The Scenes at MTR BFI Film Academy

A short insight into the journey the MTR BFI Film Academy young […]

The Big Picture

Food, don’t take it for granted!

Don’t Stop The Music

From Ballroom to Drum ‘n’ Bass…It’s all about the music and dancing….

Behind The Scenes

A glimpse at  behind the scenes of young people making a series […]

Gascoyne Community Hall

Young people and local residents reminisce about the good times they spent […]

Football and Me

A short documentary looking at young women’s football….

About me

A short documentary that explores the everyday lives of a group of […]

Underage Tattoos

‘Underage Tattoos’ is a documentary following 3 young people and explores their […]

School and Our Rights

A mocumentary that explores how young people feel about school life and […]

A Christmas message from London

A few words from young people living in London

Home Team

Basketball, its more than just a sport….

Hackney 1000

Hackney Quest and their quest to raise money….

Parallel Lives

Young people living in Watford discover life in the past and how […]

Shahel, Riad and Rimon..a bit about us…

This was our first film piece we made at MTR (on our […]

Who we are…

A short insight into the lives of some young people that attend […]

Stephanie’s story

Sometimes mainstream education doesn’t work for everyone – Stephanie tells us her […]

Year 7 to 11

The journey to school…through school…

Hackney One Carnival

Hackney Carnival 2009

The Real Hackney

Don’t believe everything you see or read in the media…  

Youth Vote Live

Young People attend a meeting at the Houses of Parliament to talk […]

Why vote?

Young people discuss with celebrities and some of the mayoral candidates.

Keep The Peace

Hackney young people discuss conflict at Hackney Quest ‘Keep The Peace’ event.

Journeys – Hackney, the past and present

A short film that explores the past and present Hackney in all it’s diversity…

Finding Your Way

A documentary that highlights the housing and benefit situation for young people.

British life – Laura’s story

This is one of seven stories from young people across the UK. […]

British life – Kelly-Louise’s story

This is one of seven stories from young people across the UK. […]

British life – Neron’s story

This is one of seven stories from young people across the UK. […]

British life – Alix’s story

This is one of seven stories from young people across the UK. […]

British life – Nas’s story

This is one of seven stories from young people across the UK. […]

British life – Nathan’s story

This is one of seven stories from young people across the UK. […]

British life – Maryam’s story

This is one of seven stories from young people across the UK. […]

Old Roar

Life in a residential children’s home…

Your health

Young people tell us how to keep healthy


A film exploring life as a young person with special needs

A journey of involvement and influence

Children and youth board

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Young people express how they feel about being judged as young people

Get ready for Geneva

Young people visit Geneva to witness how the UK government has been implementing children’s rights


This film is about changing your dream into reality.


Caring about our environment…

Why aren’t you at school

Why aren’t you at school… a documentary exploring what home schooling is like

Personal Best

A Sports programme that encourages children to do their ‘personal best’


Exploring democracy


Hackney against recent and upcoming cuts…


What Mouth That Roars is about…

Being A Good Reader

Looking at key stages in children’s development in reading.

Esol Langage

The experience learning English in the UK.

Not everything you hear is true

Young people are often misrepresented.

City Farm

A brief tour around hackney a city farm.

Does one size fit all?

Fashion & identity…

Every Vote counts

How democracy works

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