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Young people find out how to create a healthy lifestyle, access local activities and cook a healthy family meal and more. A series of short films produced by young people living in the Hackney area that focus on how young people can improve their everyday life.

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Exam time can be stressful, here’s a few tips that might help […]

The Crystal

We need to start caring more about our environment. Young people visit […]

Natural Living – Gambia

No supermarket necessary!

Caring about our Environment

What some MTR regulars have committed to do to reduce their Carbon […]

Safety on the Streets

A few top tips to keeping safe on the streets


Feeling anxious about stuff – here’s some tips to help you through!!

Have your say!

A short film produced by Tuesday’s In Focus film club

An End of Year Message

A message from all @ MTR

No Water

A short drama about water…Was produced for Worldview Water Aid Competition

Hackney Personal Best

Young people get active!!!

Friendship works

Friendship works, a volunteering project that supports young people

School and Our Rights

A mocumentary that explores how young people feel about school life and […]

Our Day Out

A group of young people from Huddleston Youth Club take a day […]

Hackney Youth Hubs

Youth provision that young people can access for FREE


Child and Adolescent Health Service – Some ideas of what could improve […]


There are many different ways to travel……

Staying safe

Some ideas of how to keep safe on the streets…


Cooking breakfast, one of the most important meals of the day…

Finding Your Way

A documentary that highlights the housing and benefit situation for young people.

Saving Money

Ideas that help young people save money and earn money.

Dress to impress

Valuable tips on how to dress very well with very little money.


Exploring ways and methods of geting connected….

Looking after yourself

Some top tips on how to keep safe and look after your well being

Finding A Job

Exploring ways of finding a job

Keeping Healthy

Top tips on the many ways that you can keep healthy and the benefits it can bring you

Healthy eating

A cooking program which shows that you can cook a healthy meal for four people on a budget of £6.00, and still shop locally.

Planning an event

A film that provides information and advice on how to plan and organise an event

Getting involved in activities

A short film providing information on the many things young people can get involved in and the benefits of taking part.