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Cultural Activities Summer Programme

INSPIRE AND CREATE!!!! We are running a  summer programme of cultural trips and arts based activities that enable at least 45 young people resident in Hackney South/Shoreditch, to experience as audiences and participants, a broad range of art forms that will stretch & enhance their understanding of the world around them. We seek to: engage young people in culture and identity based activities in the Arts/enable young people to explore self in relation to others through the expression of art (cultural capital)/create inspiring environments to develop potential/provide awareness of progression and employment pathways into the creative industries  – Follow us on instagram – mouth_that_roars

SO FAR: Oliver Twist – Regent’s park Open Air Theatre second attempt as we were rained off on the first trip ‘ Theatre performances allow the audience to witness all of the actions in a scene, rather than the singluar focused shot in film’ ‘ I experienced the difference between film and theatre’ 9/10Soul in a Nation visit at the Tate Modern ‘It was brilliant 10/10. I learnt about equality, diversity and black power’ ‘I learnt that meaning can be portrayed through different types of art forms’

We went to see TAHA at the Young Vic ‘Never seen anything like this before.. 10/10’

Celebrated EID and filmed at PRIDE ‘Was great to see people being able to speak freely…’ Some of us went to the Migration Museum and produced some pieces influenced by one of the artists exhibited ‘Made me think lots about my own family journey’ Went to the TATE BRITAIN Diggin’ the Gallery Adventure ‘danced around the gallery…silent disco..’

June 2012 – Hackney Academy Spoof Films

Ten short films created by Young People attending the
BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Hackney Academy June 2012
assisted by Mouth That Roars

Mayoral Debate 2012

Just completed a debate show that explores the mayor’s role and some of the candidates vision on what they think is best for London….

Coming of Age

Check out our Feature Film on the site..
A story about a group of friends who live in Hackney….

OEL Debate on the disturbances of last week – 6pm Thursday 18th August 2011

Our Everyday Lives TV is hosting a debate programme that will explore what Hackney young people think about what happened and the issues surrounding it.

Please Tune in to…

LIVESTREAM OEL DEBATE At 6pm Thursday 18th August and listen to what they are saying and you can have your say on the live online chat
(Click here for link)


Our Everyday Lives – Tribal Children, Nilgiri District, India

“Often it is those we least expect to have an opinion, who actually offer the most thought provoking and challenging perspective on the world.” Mouth That Roars ©

Our Everyday Lives is an international media project that supports children and young people from disadvantaged communities all over the world, to produce media that explores their lives and the issues surrounding them, from their point of view. Children and young people learn skills to film, direct and edit their own work and screen their films in their community.

Projects are mostly funded by Mouth That Roars (MTR) and supported by the voluntary participation of the MTR team. Please check out our site to view previous international film projects: https://www.oureverydaylives.tv/blog/category/oel-international/


Why we need your help ….

Mouth That Roars has been asked to run an exciting film project with children who live in the tribal communities near Ooty, in the Nilgiri District of the southern zone of India. The Nilgiri District is an important ‘tribal ethnic zone’ in the world of indigenous heritage.

This is an exciting opportunity for MTR to expand our international work, but more importantly to provide media access to children and young people from this remote part of India, giving them a platform to express their thoughts and feelings, and celebrate their unique culture and everyday lives. This film will also be used as an educational tool for schools and youth organisations in the UK.

We urgently need funding of £1300 to cover air travel and accommodation.

MTR is calling for sponsors to help support this project – every little bit raised will help. Sponsors will have their name on the film credits & any sponsorship contribution can be mentioned on our website, as appropriate.

MTR plans to run this project on the 12th July. We need immediate support to get this project up and running, so please get in touch with us asap and help if you can. Every bit of support is welcome!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Mouth That Roars

Please send your donation to
Mouth That Roars
29 Waterson Street
London E2 8HT
Please send us your details so we can send you a copy of the completed film. For more details please contact mouththatroars@btconnect.com

A Quick Update With What’s Happening At MTR!

Wednesday 5pm-8pm:
Our Wednesday drop in is still on. If your interested in developing your technical skills then come down to our session and get involved.

Thursday 5pm-8pm:
Our Education OELTV programme is now up, find it on the OEL Debate page on our site.
OELTV is currently working on our latest programme around Identity. Were at the stage of developing the script and have been out on the streets asking young people, what does identity mean? Who and what shapes your identity? Does your environment have an affect on your identity?
If you would like to be part of the audience or want to watch it live via Livestream then tune in to http://www.livestream.com/oureverydaylivestv on Thursday 26th May.

Saturday 1pm-4pm:
We just had our first week of our new Saturday project where we are working towards making 2/3 soap episodes (Like EastEnders) which will go on our website for you to tune into every week and check out, what’s going on with our characters. Today the group met and began to look at issues and ideas for the soap, it went really well and everyone is enthusiastic to come back next Saturday and carry on forming the soap.

Keep checking the Blog for updates as we have a lot of exciting new things happening!


A film made by young people at Great Ormond Street hospital (GOSH).. They share with us their everyday experience at GOSH.

What has MTR been up to in 2011 so far..


Wednesday Evenings:

Since the beginning of the year the Wednesday group have been very busy experimenting with film making, editing skills and prop making.

They have made two short films/shows ‘The Tyrel Show’ and ‘An Alien Film’ which will be up on the site shortly so keep a look out!

Currently they are working on a film challenge, which looks at peer pressure and the choices young people choose to make.

Thursday Evenings (OELTV Debate Show):

The Thursday evening group have been planning the next OELTV Debate show which will be filmed live on Thursday 23rd February in Tower Hamlets.

This programme is looking at ‘Young People in Poverty in the UK’ The Debate show will screen 2 short films made by both Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

The debate show will talk about issues and the effects that young people living in Poverty face.

We have started to plan the next Debate Show which is looking at education.

We watched a film ‘Like Stars On Earth’ about a young boy and his experience of education!

A film the group really enjoyed and would suggest you watch!

We then began to plan the show by writing our thoughts and feelings on post-it notes answering questions on the film.

Saturday Drop In Sessions:

Currently we are working on the ‘Improving Our Everyday Lives’ 24 hour film challenge ‘Dress To Impress’

The group have been looking at ways to dress for cheap/free, giving tips and advice on restyling old clothes, swapping with friends and family and many more creative ways.

The programme is currently being filmed.

‘Dress To Impress’

When: Every Saturday
Where: 23 Charlotte Road, Mouth That Roars Studio
What: Part of the 24 hour film challenge (Improving Our Everyday Lives).  Tips and advice for young people looking at how to ‘dress to impress’ for very little money