Following the disturbances of last week..

Our Everyday Lives TV is hosting a debate programme that will explore what Hackney young people think about what happened and the issues surrounding it.

Please Tune in this Thursday 18th August at 6pm and listen to what young people have to say and you can have your say on the live online chat


OEL Debate

Special Educational Needs

Discussing life with special educational needs

Our Future

Young people discuss how they feel about their future prospects. They explore, […]


Young people discuss, sex, drugs and alcohol and the issues surrounding some […]


What does it mean to be British?

Democracy not Media-ocracy

Young people from Hackney, London and Mikkeli, Finland discuss why some young […]

OEL – Young women’s roles

What is like being a young woman in today’s society?

OEL Mayoral Election 2012

Young people discuss the Mayor’s role and how to vote in the […]

OEL Volunteering

This programme explores some of the issues surrounding volunteering and what thisĀ  […]

OEL Censorship

Young people discuss ‘Censorship’…..

Faith and Me

Young people discuss and debate issues surrounding faith, belief and religion

OEL Hackney 8/8/2011

Hackney young people express their views regarding the events that happened in […]


What does identity mean to you?


How best do we learn?


What does it mean to be poor in the UK?


What does conflict mean to you?


Why should we care about our planet and environment?

Have your say

Is it important to have your say on issues that affect you?

Important in Life

What is important to you?

What we eat

Things we eat and how it affects our lives


Changes in friendship and how it affects young people


This programme explores how young people feel about their community and what’s available to them….

Leisure and Young People

What activities do people take part within their area?

Friendship and Peer Pressure

Peer pressure and relationships. What makes a good relationship

Fashion Pressure

Is there a pressure to look a certain way?

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