Migration is a drama documentary exploring issues surrounding migration…part of the Into Film Programme


Top Up

A short film highlighting how the ‘cost of living crisis’ means you […]

In the wilderness

A short film about three friends in search of something – things […]


A young man is confused about his identity

Come up

Sometimes things happen and we don’t make the right choices…

A Better Place

Three friends are dealing with loss…


Does Tyler have a choice?

Skyped In

During Lockdow, four young people are forced to meet online to complete […]


A young women is left totally alone during the Covid19 Lockdown….

The New Shoes

It’s christmas and those shoes no matter the price were just too […]

Against The Odds

Ty is being challenged from more than one direction, does he give […]

Inside of Me, Black Brit(ish)

A young black man is trying to make sense of his identity…


A young man needs money fast…

One Sunny Day In Hackney

A short film about Woodberry Down. Hackney produced for Woodberry Down short […]

Tell Somebody

A young person is hiding something that is deeply hurting….

The Interview

Jordan is trying to turn his life around but the past keeps […]


This is the second series of Hackneyoaks produced by young people from […]

1 in 8

A short film produced by the MTR BFI film academy 2017 – […]


A short film highlighting what can happen if you’re in a controlling […]

Merry Christmas from In Focus

A Christmas message to all….

2016 Christmas message from Saturday Drop in

The film was made in response to the recent political climate


The Starbright is flying freely until two young men are bored one […]

True Bromance

A light hearted story of two friends who both like the same […]

Mind The Gap

A Moroccan young man is new to the UK, London…..

What is Christmas?

A Christmas tale…produced by MTR Wednesday regulars

All you need is peace and love

A ‘film in a day’ workshop by young people from Morningside Youth […]

Thick and Thin

Two sisters face unfortunate circumstances…

On The Outside

Young people share some of their experiences of living with special needs […]

Alternative Education

One size doesn’t fit all…A short drama based on real accounts of […]


“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” Jim Morrison (singer, song writer, poet) […]


A dog is not just for Christmas!!


A young person and his trainers….


One of nine films completely produced by a group of 6 young […]

Do the right thing

Two friends find some money. One of the friends battles with ‘right […]


Hannah is dealing with her past…a short film.

Home Truths

An insight into two young men, whose friendship is questionable…..


A short film that was made on our one Wednesday night ‘drop […]

Off The Wall

‘Off The Wall’ is a comedy drama following the musings of Faith […]

The Chicken Shop

‘2 Postcodes… 1 chicken shop! This spoken word comedy follows 2 groups […]

I Trust You

‘I Trust You’ is a short drama  about two best friends Chantelle […]

Silent movie

A short film produced by young people who attend Wednesday workshops, shot […]

Would you believe it?

A short drama…An average day at school…or was it?

Living our lives

How easy is it to make positive choices when older people are […]

First Impression

A mocumentary exposing the negative impact media can have on young people….

A walk in the big smoke

Patricia just went for a short walk and couldn’t get away from […]

Life’s ups and downs

Ways to help us keep/be happy….

Being Real?

A short film exploring friendship…..

The Estate

“…..Sophie is on a strict curfew for ‘her own good’, but the […]


A short film exploring some of the issues surrounding discrimination…

An Exchange

A short drama exploring life as a young traveller

The Journey

A group of young people from Hackney go on a team building […]

Big Society

A short Spoof produced by young people who attend Wednesday Drop In […]

Coming of Age

A feature film that explores the everyday lives of a group of friends living in Hackney…

Silent Movie

A short film made by young people who attend regular MTR film workshops at MTR Studio 23.

Hackneyoaks – Episode 3

Episode 3 – What does Bradley do with the news? How does […]

Hackneyoaks Episode 2

Hackneyoaks Episode 2 – Find out… Will Sean get to run his […]

Hackneyoaks Episode 1

Hackneyoaks a new 3 part series A group of friends live on […]


Consumerism To celebrate Ken Loach’s 75th birthday, the BFI, First Light, Film […]

Where is the love?

A drama produced in 2005 for Young Voice, that explores young people’s […]


A drama exploring how divorce can affect children….

Trouble life

A short drama highlighting some of the consequences of bullying…

Journey of friendship

A group of friends talk about what friendship means to them


A young person moves to a different area and has to adapt to change….

Think twice

young people explore issues surrounding sexual harassment


Young person is having problems at home..


Young people try and sort out their differences by holding an MC tournament

Just another day

A film raising awareness about the issues surrounding domestic violence

One spring day

Friends get a little competitive causing them to fall out

Just one more

A film exploring issues surrounding alcohol misuse

Child and adolescent mental health service

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.


A film exploring cannabis misuse…

Typical Day-Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Typical Day

Cos We Were Mash Up

A group of young men get carried away with themselves on a night out….

Growing Up

what it’s like being a teenager.


It’s alright to be different…

Typical day

A musical drama


A reality check as two young men discuss about refugees

Lifes Ups and Downs

A short film that looks at young people’s well-being and how to […]

False Expectations

Two best friends fallout over some money they find

Around the clock

Life as a teenage parent..

The Hamlets

A drama explaining the multicultural history of Tower Hamlets through the eyes of an east end young person

Where is my happy ending

A short drama explaining help that is available for vulnerable young women

Truth about girls

A short insight about young women’s interests, peer pressure, relationships and friendships

Simply the best

Jerome and Dean are best friends but their constant competition drives them apart.
Is it worth it?

Perfect Day

A drama about Denise’s misconception about her friends and a great birthday

The Legend

The Legend…Does she exist? This film debates the existence of the ‘The Legend’. A mystery child who does beautiful things for others.

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