Home sweet home

Kylie’s mum does not believe that Kylie has not caused the upset on thier new estate. Kylie and her friends work to convince her mum and everyone else in the area that they are not trouble. Why do other residents have such a negative image of young people?
A film made by young people of the new kingshold Estate, London E9

OEL Estate

OEL Hackney 2022

Young people highlight what it’s like living in Hackney, London 2022

Our estate – Nightingale

Life on the Nightingale Estate 2019

Nisbet Life

A short film exploring life on Nisbet House Estate, Hackney  


Hub67 a new community space in the heart of Hackney Wick, find […]


My everyday life….

Nisbet House


Nisbet House

Nisbet House Estate in Hackney, Our Everyday lives!!

Morningside 2014

Morningside 2014

Fellows Court 2014

A short documentary exploring the everyday lives of young people who attend […]

Our Sporting Life

A short film exploring sport and what it means to young people….

Hackney Style

A film exploring fashion and perception…part of Hackney as Home Open University […]

Leaside Girls Club

A snapsot of what happens at Leaside Girls Club, Hackney…

Frampton Estate

A superhero arrives at the Frampton Estate to investigate rumours…

Morningside – Our Estate

A short documentary exploring the lives of young people living in Morningside […]

Nightingale Estate

Young people tell us what life is like living on nightingale estate


Young people tell us about their lives living in the Loxford, London […]

Simply the best

Two best friends constant competitions drives them apart. Is it worth it?

Being me

Zail battles with peer pressure and homework demands. Which does he give into? What will be the outcome.

Up and down

Moving home is supposed to be the start of something new and amazing. For one young person it becomes something totally unexpected.


Group of young men sharing their experiences in their neighborhood

Jack Watts Estate

Young women who live on Jack Watts estate.

Holly Street

Music from young people who live in holly street.

Lincoln Court

Everyday life on Lincoln Court Estate

Kings Crescent

Life on Kings Crescent, Hackney

Amhurst Estate

Everything happens from the youth centre at Amhurst Estate

Pedro Youth Centre

Explains what young people can get involved in at the Pedro Youth Centre

Lea valley Square

Life on Lee Valley square

Life on an estate – Blue city

What life is like for some young people living in Blue City

Guinness Trust Estate

A sort insight into life on Guinness trust estate

Blue hut

A group of young women tell us about thier lives and what they get up to at the blue hut centre.

Kings Crescent Girls

Young women living on an estate share with us thier thoughts and feelings.

Laburnam Boat Club

What young people are up to at the Laburam boat club

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