What we think about MTR

A short insert, sharing young people’s experiences of coming to MTR

26 years of MTR

A short piece that gives you an insight into MTR

The future I want to see

A short animation, highlighting what’s important to us all!


A short reminder of that Christmas doesn’t have to be about consumerism


An infomercial highlighting how much waste we produce

Youth Culture

A short experimental piece produced for The Museum of Youth, celebrating young […]


Jeffrey shares a bit of his life and experience of being autistic

Disco Dreamer

Let’s get dancing…

A bedtime story

A short scary film by In Focus film club Be careful with […]


A Music in Dentention film project – the music was produced by […]

Lockdown – StopMotion

A series of shortd produced by young people at home who attend […]

Tina’s Story

Tina is battling with her how she looks….


Community part 1

A visual narrative exploring the community around us


All about the money…

Falling Lights

A short experimental film made by MTR’s Wednesday regulars


A Christmas message from all at Mouth That Roars

What a load of rubbish!!

There is so much rubbish on our streets..why?  


A short spoken word piece by AG

Silent movie

A short film produced by young people who attend Wednesday workshops, shot […]


A music video produced on a Saturday at MTR…edited by Brandon and […]

Young Swag

A music video produced by Young Swag with friends…

Hot Chocolate

A short animation…It’s amazing what a cup of hot chocolate can do….


Insert for BBC Free Speech first programme – 2012


Music video

Every Day

An experimental music piece

Wrap it up

Alliance music video

Street Beats

A short experimental piece made on the streets of Hackney

Ain’t Giving Up

Music video by Stera featuring Smootha

I Can’t Breathe

A music video by sadiq/Stera Brownus

Live Your Dream

A film about following your dreams

Dear Mum

True story, music video SP letter to ‘Dear Mum’

SOS – School bell ring

A music video by the band SOS

Near the top – STERA

A music video by Stera featuring friends

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