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Mouth That Roars (MTR) is a charitable, not-for-profit company, set up with the sole purpose of training young people in media who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to media resources. MTR enables young people who are misrepresented within society, a space to be heard and a medium in which they can voice their thoughts and feelings. Through media, MTR supports young people to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and motivation. We provide a learning environment that increases young people’s awareness of their community; wider social issues and encourages cultural exchange, through the process of filmmaking and teamwork.

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What is Our Everyday Lives?

Our Everyday Lives (OEL) is a project that produces films and resources by young people living in areas of disadvantage in the Middle East and North Africa for all young people and the wider community.

Why OEL?

Mouth That Roars has directed this project to these countries because for many years there has been extreme political upheaval between neighbouring countries and the West. This project does not aim to show a rose tinted view of people’s lives but to represent the reality of their lives & expand people’s knowledge. In addition the counter-effect of this is to hopefully enable us to look at our own lives in a different way. Therefore the aim of this project is to challenge our views and offer another point of view, and most importantly provide a platform in which young people can represent their own lives.

Our opinions of other cultures are generally formed and influenced by what we see in the media rather than from first hand experience. Our values and norms evolve from information fed to us on a daily basis via different mediums. Often we describe other people’s lives, without even having met them. Depending on where we have gained our information, these perceptions can be wrong, misguided or fuel prejudice. ‘Our Everyday Lives’ invites us to explore how real our perceptions of different cultures is and aims to increase global awareness by provoking dialogue about local and global identity; our own and that of others.

In recent years, MTR has recognised the need for young people in the UK, regardless of cultural background, to be more aware of the lives of young people from other countries. In particular, to challenge some of our young people to see beyond ‘the NIKE and GAP generation’ and recognise that success and quality of life isn’t always based on material objects. To understand that life is richer beyond the material world is a valuable lesson for anyone growing up in the West to be aware of. MTR believes that we can find out so much about ourselves and our environment, by seeing other ways of living.

Project so Far

OEL has produced many films made by young people in countries like Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Kurdistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and India. OEL is looking to expand this work and develop sustainable media projects in certain areas within these countries and throughout the Middle East and South Asia in order to develop networks between these young people to share knowledge and experience.

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