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“ You have the right to get information. Information on media such as radio, newspapers, books, tv etc. Should be useful to you and not harmful ”
Article 17 - UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

View photos in galleryIn 2002 Mouth That Roars visited Bahariya Oasis, a village in the Egyptian Desert and over a period of six days trained a group of young people to make a film about their lives. Working alongside Khaled Ahmed, a Technology Teacher based in Bahariya, the group produced ‘Our Everyday Lives Bahayria, Egypt’.

‘Our Everyday Lives Bahariya, Egypt’ gives us, the viewer, an insight into their daily activities, how they live, how they see the world, their beliefs, how they feel about their lives and their hopes and aspirations for the future.

Since the making of this film MTR has returned with film equipment to enable the young people of Bahariya continue the film making process, filming local activities such as weddings and other special occasions.

MTR aims to set up a media space in Bahariya where the children and young people can regularly visit and learn all aspects of film making, link to other young people via the internet, access world cinema and have a space to meet, chat and develop their programme.

We also aim to implement media projects that will be run by the young people and supported by their local communities, so that they can:

  • produce films and resources using their own experiences, that can be shown within their communities and the global community
  • provide opportunities for young people and the wider community to develop creatively and use media as a learning tool
  • enable young people to connect with other young people across the world and learn from each other
  • enable young people to explore children’s rights and share this information locally and globally
  • bridge the gap between those that have access and those that have not

To find out more about Bahariya visit www.touregypt.net/bahariya.htm



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