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By OurEverydayLives

Our Everyday Lives – Tribal Children, Nilgiri District, India

“Often it is those we least expect to have an opinion, who actually offer the most thought provoking and challenging perspective on the world.” Mouth That Roars ©

Our Everyday Lives is an international media project that supports children and young people from disadvantaged communities all over the world, to produce media that explores their lives and the issues surrounding them, from their point of view. Children and young people learn skills to film, direct and edit their own work and screen their films in their community.

Projects are mostly funded by Mouth That Roars (MTR) and supported by the voluntary participation of the MTR team. Please check out our site to view previous international film projects: http://www.oureverydaylives.tv/blog/category/oel-international/


Why we need your help ….

Mouth That Roars has been asked to run an exciting film project with children who live in the tribal communities near Ooty, in the Nilgiri District of the southern zone of India. The Nilgiri District is an important ‘tribal ethnic zone’ in the world of indigenous heritage.

This is an exciting opportunity for MTR to expand our international work, but more importantly to provide media access to children and young people from this remote part of India, giving them a platform to express their thoughts and feelings, and celebrate their unique culture and everyday lives. This film will also be used as an educational tool for schools and youth organisations in the UK.

We urgently need funding of £1300 to cover air travel and accommodation.

MTR is calling for sponsors to help support this project – every little bit raised will help. Sponsors will have their name on the film credits & any sponsorship contribution can be mentioned on our website, as appropriate.

MTR plans to run this project on the 12th July. We need immediate support to get this project up and running, so please get in touch with us asap and help if you can. Every bit of support is welcome!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Mouth That Roars

Please send your donation to
Mouth That Roars
29 Waterson Street
London E2 8HT
Please send us your details so we can send you a copy of the completed film. For more details please contact mouththatroars@btconnect.com