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A Quick Update With What’s Happening At MTR!

By OurEverydayLives

Wednesday 5pm-8pm:
Our Wednesday drop in is still on. If your interested in developing your technical skills then come down to our session and get involved.

Thursday 5pm-8pm:
Our Education OELTV programme is now up, find it on the OEL Debate page on our site.
OELTV is currently working on our latest programme around Identity. Were at the stage of developing the script and have been out on the streets asking young people, what does identity mean? Who and what shapes your identity? Does your environment have an affect on your identity?
If you would like to be part of the audience or want to watch it live via Livestream then tune in to http://www.livestream.com/oureverydaylivestv on Thursday 26th May.

Saturday 1pm-4pm:
We just had our first week of our new Saturday project where we are working towards making 2/3 soap episodes (Like EastEnders) which will go on our website for you to tune into every week and check out, what’s going on with our characters. Today the group met and began to look at issues and ideas for the soap, it went really well and everyone is enthusiastic to come back next Saturday and carry on forming the soap.

Keep checking the Blog for updates as we have a lot of exciting new things happening!