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What has MTR been up to in 2011 so far..

By OurEverydayLives


Wednesday Evenings:

Since the beginning of the year the Wednesday group have been very busy experimenting with film making, editing skills and prop making.

They have made two short films/shows ‘The Tyrel Show’ and ‘An Alien Film’ which will be up on the site shortly so keep a look out!

Currently they are working on a film challenge, which looks at peer pressure and the choices young people choose to make.

Thursday Evenings (OELTV Debate Show):

The Thursday evening group have been planning the next OELTV Debate show which will be filmed live on Thursday 23rd February in Tower Hamlets.

This programme is looking at ‘Young People in Poverty in the UK’ The Debate show will screen 2 short films made by both Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

The debate show will talk about issues and the effects that young people living in Poverty face.

We have started to plan the next Debate Show which is looking at education.

We watched a film ‘Like Stars On Earth’ about a young boy and his experience of education!

A film the group really enjoyed and would suggest you watch!

We then began to plan the show by writing our thoughts and feelings on post-it notes answering questions on the film.

Saturday Drop In Sessions:

Currently we are working on the ‘Improving Our Everyday Lives’ 24 hour film challenge ‘Dress To Impress’

The group have been looking at ways to dress for cheap/free, giving tips and advice on restyling old clothes, swapping with friends and family and many more creative ways.

The programme is currently being filmed.